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FreeRTOS - viewing task stack details in TrueStudio using NXP plugin

Discussion created by Frank CA on Apr 24, 2018
Latest reply on May 5, 2018 by greenwood.greg

Being able to view task and queue memory usage for me is a cornerstone of RTOS project debugging. Currently TrueStudio offers some capability but not in enough detail. I posted an article here that describes what I mention in the subject line. The NXP plugin provides the detail I required for getting visibility into task stacks, TCBs and queues. Another useful feature is to view the complete heap and to see the segmentation by tasks, queues etc. Here I include some images that I could not upload in the article.

Here is a view of the presented task list. Note the yellow warning triangles in the Stack Usage column with the message popup.

To get that feature to work I had to upgrade FreeRTOS kernel files to v10.0.1 from 9.0.0

(I still cannot get the Runtime Stats feature to work)

The dropdowns next to TCB# reveal more detail

Another very useful view is heap usage

The queue list also provides great insight into queue details (here is shown a semaphore, not Q, which has less detail).

You can see actual queue content in the lower data table.

All in all a very useful plugin for FreeRTOS debugging. Credit to NXP.