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Noisy  ADC Channels and UART issues

Question asked by Yash Gupte on Apr 24, 2018



I have a Nucleo STM32L476RG board. I am using it to read time varying ADC values from 3 channels of ADC1 (PC_0,PC_1,PC_2) and print them as a single comma separated string. Eg. 100,134,130.


Here are a few details:

  1. STM Cube was used to initialize system clock, ADC and UART.
  2. The System Clock runs on HCI crystal at 16MHz.
  3. The ADC also runs on HCI Crystal at 16MHz.
  4. The USART2 is used which has a baud rate of 115200bps.


The issue is that while printing the ADC values on UART, the data gets disorganized/shabby. 

  1. The waveforms have a lot of noise on them.


   2. The noise reduces at higher voltages.




The ADC uses interrupts to add data into the UART. => Specifications given below. (Query_Docs.docx)

I have attached the ADC,UART and System clock settings along with the HAL_ADC_ConvCplt() function.


Arduino UNO on the other hand provides very smooth waveforms of the same time varying signals


PS. I have tried introducing delays as well as tried to store the ADC Values first and then send the data seperately.