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LSM303D temperature sensor "12 bit two's complement right aligned"

Question asked by Alistair Buxton on Apr 25, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2018 by Alistair Buxton

Quote the datasheet:


"Temperature data is stored inside TEMP_OUT_L (05h), TEMP_OUT_H (06h) as two’s complement data in 12-bit format, right-justified."


So if the sensor value is reading 0 and the temperature drops by 1/8th of a degree, I would expect the value to be 0xffff or 0x0fff - that is 0bxxxx111111111111. Since 111111111111 is 12 bit two's complement for -1, and the x bits are ignored.


However this is not the case. The value I actually read is 0xefff / 0b1111111011111111 / -257. The value continues to count down by 1 per 1/8 degree from here.


Can anyone explain what is going on here please?