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MotionFX and rotation_9X

Question asked by Anton Mankov on Apr 24, 2018

Hello to all

I'm trying to use MotionFX sensor fusion library in my application with STM32F4.
It seems to me that the 9X mode works good enough. But I'm confused about my results during sensor rotation around 3 axis:
1) Pitch varied in the range -90 - +90deg (Horizon 0deg, Straight up +90deg and then decreasing to 0deg with increasing the angle, Straight down -90deg and then inceasing to 0deg)

2) Roll varied in the range -180 - +180deg (Horizon 0deg, +179 = Full roll right and –179 = Full roll left)

3) Yaw varied in the range -180 - +180deg (North 0deg, East +90deg, South +180deg, West -90deg)


Are the results (particularly the range of Pitch) good or not?


Kind regards, Anton.