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STM32 STLink COM port driver problem on Windows 10

Question asked by Juan Sanchez on Apr 24, 2018

Hello guys,


I am using de STM32DiscoveryF4 in my project and the CC2564MODN bluetooth module with the adapter kit to make a bluetooth serial port profile with the API's that TI brings (SPPLE), but once the code is flashed and the board programmed I can't make the COM port appear, even connecting the micro-usb to the PC too.


I read the API documentacion, 'Enable_STM32_Discovery.pdf' and make all the changes that I've to.

   - Device, HSE_VALUE

   - HALCFG.h

   - Put the Bluetopia/hcitrans/HCITRANS.c


I install the driver that ST brings which is STSW-009, to program via miniUSB, but it only flashed the code into the board it doesn't open any COM port when I plugged  the miniUSB again or the micro-usb to the PC and reset the board.


In the API's demo example says that "Once the code is flashed, connect the board to a PC using a miniUSB or microUSB cable. Once connected, wait for the driver to install. It will show up as MSP-EXP430F5438 USB - Serial Port(COM x), Tiva Virtual COM Port (COM x), XDS110 Class Application/User UART (COM x) for MSP432, under Ports (COM & LPT) in the Device manager."


So reading that I tough that just flashing the code into the board It will make the COM port appear, when a I plugged the microUSB but don't happen.


So, I ask if someone has the same problem and know how to resolve it, please contact to me and let me know. ASAP !!


Regards and thanks.