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i am working on stm32f030c6t6 microcontroller.

Question asked by sanjay kumawat on Apr 23, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2018 by sanjay kumawat

Hi all,

I am working on stm32f030c6t6 microcontroller. I want to use tim3_ch1 as pwm output. datasheet says that tim3_ch1 alternate function is available at two pins PA6 and PB4.

I am not able to find that which pin default for this tim3_ch1 function and if want to remap another pin then how to do it.

I have googled it. I found that in stm32f1 user manual there is a register AFIO_MAPR for remapping of pin for a alternate function.

But stm32f0 documents are silent on this.

so how I can do it this remapping of pin for a alternate function in stm32f0.