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STM32F103 :: CAN filter not working in randomly?

Question asked by jd kim on Apr 23, 2018
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hi, i'm builing my own motor driver communicating by CAN BUS


i belive my can filter code because i almost always use this code,

but what i found funny thing is when i power on the circuit, then can bus filter not be initialized super very occasionally.


here is my enviroment


2. polling methode, not interrupt

3. 24V -> 3.3V voltage down (not important. maybe)

4. I have two machine, the one is fully connected which is not malfunction yet (about 3 month) , the other strange one has missing ID

- I mean, there are 4 IDs, the strange one has one missing id, and the other IDs are transmitting message to this


And this is what i found on this case

1. filter not working, so whole message in canbus can be recenved

2. actually, the malfunctioning part (ID) has no relation with part, the i had not checked other parts have same matter

2. NEVER filter worked unless power off - on 

- even if reset pin, and re-download program

3. filter totally work in power reset, definitely same program

4. very rarely occurred, maybe a tens of time 


is there any similar issue like this?

i think when stop transmitting massage to the missing ID i will become normal ( not tried yet ).

well, why this happen?