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How to TIMEOUT within DFU bootloader?

Question asked by Goof Ball on Apr 23, 2018
Latest reply on May 6, 2018 by Benjamin Rockwell

My STM32F405 widget uses the DFU bootloader to reflash:  the user holds down several buttons in a super-secret pattern, and my firmware jumps to the bootloader.....  at which time DeFUse software can a) reflash over USB otg, and then, b) issue "Exit DFU mode".


Trouble is, if the bootloader is entered mistakenly (ie. a user happens to stumble on the super-secret button pattern by accident) - it'll stay in the bootloader forever.


How can I have it exit the bootloader after, say 60 seconds?


- powercycling is NOT an option, the widget has an internal battery.

- Reference manual says bootloader conveniently refreshes the IWDG - so that won't work.

- I tried using the WWDG... but it appears the bootloader conveniently disables WWDG - so that doesn't work either.


Any help is welcome!