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NUCLEO-F767ZIand Serial Wire Viewer

Question asked by Radu Ghiga on Apr 23, 2018
Latest reply on May 10, 2018 by g. lewis

Hello all,

I am pretty new to the STM32 MCUs and I am trying to get around and learn new things. I have found a few tutorials presenting the SWV and it seems really good to be able to use it. However, even following the tutorials, I have no output in the SWV Console so I am asking for your help.


My setup:


Matlab/Simulink 2017b with STM32 Adapter support package.




My issue:

First: I have made a very simple project, generated with CubeMX only, where I enabled the "Debug: Serial Wire" under SYS. I imported it in TrueSTUDIO and in main.c I wrote a line "ITM_SendChar(65);" to send to ITM channel 0 the character 'A'. Everything build fine and I don't get any errors.

Next: I opened Debug Configurations in TrueSTUDIO and I enabled Serial Wire Viewer (SWV), and I set the Core CLock to 216.0 MHz. Default Port number: 61234. SWO Clock is automatically set to 2000 kHz.

Then: I start the debugger, and everything seems fine. I open the SWV configuration and select Port 0. I click "Ok", I click on the "Start Trace" button, and I run the program expecting to see "A" in the SWV Port 0 console. But I have no output.


I ran the code line by line and it enters the ITM_SendChar function and it executes it fine. I also checkked the PB3 pin and the CN6 (Pin6 - SWO) pin with an oscilloscope and everytime the ITM_SendChar reaches the send line, I get the same signal on these 2 pins so my uinderstanding is that the code is executing the send, but it seems the SWV console does not receive it.


Any Ideas and/or suggestions on what to try next would be appreciated.


The SWO pin is connected via SB110 on the back of my nucleo board.


Thank you in advance for your time and help