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STM8L: CCO pin

Question asked by Yevpator on Sep 6, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2011 by Yevpator

Working with Discovery board, I encountered the following problems with CCO pin:
1. When HSI(16MHz) is routed to CCO, the signal on the CCO
a. has a low and not stable amplitude from 500mV to 1.2V.
b. The signal is a triangle wave
c The signal has a DC offset

2. When LSI(38KHz) is routed to CCO,
a. instead of 38KHz I see 10Hz of RTC which sourced from LSI (or perhaps it is ok ?)
b. A lot of pulses are lost.

Regarding the problem 1 I got an answer from ST support, that 16 MHz is too fast and CCO can't drive it. With all respect to ST guy who gave me that answer, I'm not sure if the answer is correct, since if the pin can't drive 16MHz, why ST gave this ability ? Did somebody here encounter this problem too ?
The problem 2 is absolutely unclear for me.

Any idea would be highly appreciated.

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