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My First STM32 Lora Node

Question asked by Guillaume Boulay on Apr 21, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2018 by Clive One

Hi, I got this very cool board that has a STM32L0 attached to a semtech 1276.



first time for me to play with MCU other than Atmel(arduino IDE), so the learning curve is a bit steep.

I got myself a ST-Link, installed Atollic IDE.


Now trying to send my first LORA message to TNN, I'm looking at the all the example on the semtech LoraNode github but they all depends on specific hardware platforms(Mote, Motell..)..

Since they hockup GPS, Sensors and many other stuff, it gets confusing and not sure where to start just to send a simple hello world to TTN. without having to re-create all sensor //or brute removing lines of code that might be necessary to run it..


I'd like a simple example like they use in the LMIC library.. that's bit more straight forward to the point (without all other sensors things) But that will still work with the chip I'm using...


Any one has suggestion where to start ?