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Unable to read the all sensors values at once L475E-IOT01

Question asked by Tech world on Apr 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by Nyix

Hi everyone,

I am using STM32L475 B-L475E-IOT01 kit. My problem is that it does not give me sensors values at once. I want to get the temperature, humidity, pressure, accelerometer and gyro at once. But it only gives me 4 sensor values at once. For example, I have to comment out my one of the sensor code then it gives me the sensor values otherwise when I load my code into the kit with 5 sensors code then the user LED is not blinking. There is no error in the code. I run the code for every sensor individually to get the values and it gives me the values.  Please help me with this problem.

thank you