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STLD41 with STM32L4 flickering at pwm 100%

Question asked by Jerome Godbout on Apr 19, 2018

Hi, I have some trouble when I set my PWM to 100% output for my STM32L4 to the input STLD41. I use a 40KHz frequency for my pwm and a periode of 400 cycles. Between 0 to 398 cycles compare everything run smoothly. at 400 cycles compare, the led start flickering. 


Is the STM32 having hard time with the pwm at 100% or the STLD41 able to handle Vdc? Is this suppose to work and I have some layout problems with my board?


For now I have set a firmware limiter to 398 cycles to make sure I don't get this flickering, but I was wondering what we did wrong with this design.