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nucleo F429ZI template

Question asked by yang hong on Apr 18, 2018



I am new for STM32. I got NUCLEO-144 F429ZI board. it is pretty good start board. However, it seems pin mapping are different from different board. I can't find any documents to tell me the pin mapping. 


I use stm32cube to generate configuration for the developing board. when I choose NUCLEO-144 F429ZI and use default setting, it comes up plenty conflicts and warning because of pin mapping. it is so frustrated for the beginner. So I clear all pin. but It seems I make mistake because program cancel all pin definition. 


Anybody know how to get all pin mapping for nucleo-144 F429ZI? 


also I found stm32cube is one time configuration. after user generate a code, user can't change it and regenerate again because regenerating will overwrite all the programs even include user's code without any notice. it is terrible design. it is not convenient for user to start simple and get complex later.