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Dual Motor control with electronic gearing

Question asked by waldmann.christian on Jul 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2014 by Giuseppe Scuderi
I am using the FOC SDK 4.0 and have set up a dual motor control system with a STM32F405 controller. The motors are PMSM and have a quadrature encoder each.

Now I want to drive the motors in parallel with electronic gearing. One Motor is the master and the other follows the rotation position with a variable gear ratio.

To do so, I want to count the number of steps and rotations of the motors. 
How can I use the FOC SDK to get this information?

If I have the absolute position of both motor, I can control the slave with execSpeedRamp to reach the requested position. But It would be easier to have a "position generator" that sets the requested mechanical position of the slave.

Is there an app note or an example to realize this kind of position control?