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LIS2DH12 High Power consumption in normal power mode

Question asked by Bilal Ahmad on Apr 18, 2018
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Currently,  am working with  lis2dh12 mem sensor for my ble application. I am using accelerometer to detect movement and then reading data from accelerometer using bypass mode. During no movement, the power consumption reading of my device is 20 uA  with advertisement interval 4 sec while during movement it is 500 uA with advertisement interval 100 msec. 

I also did some measurement without accelerometer. So my current consumption for advertisement interval 4 sec is around 14 uA while at 100 msec it is around 180 uA.


I need to optimize my current consumption so I would like to enable fifo after movement is detected and hence reduce the usage of SPI.


My questions regarding this effort are


1) Can I have FIFO WTM interrupt on pin 2 and movement threshold on pin 1? If there is any online example of such scenario, kindly refer it to me.


2)  500 uA  is justifiable in bypass mode or there is some other problem?




I have already changed my SPI MISO pin to NO PULL and hence that can not be the reason of high power consumption?


I have enabled high pass filter, sampling rate is 100 Hz, high resolution mode while movement and power mode is normal in movement.