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FatFs on SDMMC1 configured by CubeMX not working with DMA (F722)

Question asked by Lars Beiderbecke on Apr 17, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2018 by Clive One

I'm using FatFs on SDMMC1 configured by CubeMX (v.4.23) on a STM32F722. Everything runs perfectly fine.


But when I activate DMA by

  • enabling DMA template in FatFs
  • creating DMA channel for SDMMC1 RX and TX
  • enabling the DMA and SDMMC1 interrupts

I can see that the code in sd_diskio.c has changed, and two IRs have been generated.


But the mounting and/or reading of the SD card fails.


This worked with v.4.22 (even without creating DMA channels), but now doesn't.


What is missing here?