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ST-Link and reading 0xC0000000

Question asked by lamers.rainier on Apr 16, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2018 by lamers.rainier

I have a ST32H7 project on the go with SDRAM at 0xC0000000. I can read internal memories via ST-Link and SWD just fine in a live system and this is helpful during debugging. However, try to read the initialized and working SDRAM and it complains "external loader not found". Surely it does not need a custom loader - the memory is visible, the MPU is initialized, all is well - I just want to read the memory in a live system as I can do in any of my other projects using non-STM processors. What am I missing ? 

I am using a somewhat clutzy workaround by including a command line tool via UART in my application to dump the SDRAM memory contents. That really necessary ? It works but relies on the application running - if there is a crash I am blind...

Anybody with a bright idea ?