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assert_param() problem

Question asked by ColinF on Sep 2, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2011 by chiesa.michele

From what I can see this is used to check in parameters into the c library functions.
I've tried to add this to a header file but when I do so the compiler creates many unrelated errors.
This is what I am adding:-
Has anyone had the same problem?
I'm putting it into the top .h file

#define USE_FULL_ASSERT    (1)

/* Exported macro ------------------------------------------------------------*/

  * @brief  The assert_param macro is used for function's parameters check.
  * @param expr: If expr is false, it calls assert_failed function
  *   which reports the name of the source file and the source
  *   line number of the call that failed.
  *   If expr is true, it returns no value.
  * @retval : None
#define assert_param(expr) ((expr) ? (void)0 : assert_failed((uint8_t *)__FILE__, __LINE__))
/* Exported functions ------------------------------------------------------- */
void assert_failed(uint8_t* file, uint32_t line);
#define assert_param(expr) ((void)0)
#endif /* USE_FULL_ASSERT */