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STC3117 voltage/current values not reading

Question asked by Ismail Riyaz on Apr 16, 2018


We are using a STC13117 on a qualcom based SOM, msm8998. We have used this one before in another product, worked fine.
The stc3117 actually seems to be measuring current and voltages properly, but they appear in avg current register(Reg 11 and 12) and for voltage in ocv registers(Reg 13 and 14). The values seem to be fairly accurate - current calculated is ~800mA when stress running apps while battery is discharging. Also ocv regs report 4.1V, decreasing continuously.
Why do regs 0-7 and 9-11 always read 0. Reg 8(voltage) reads 0x80, but looks incorrect. The driver makes use of these registers.
For eg reg 0 and 1 ought to have some default values, but i read all 0. What could cause this?