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External SDRAM on DISCO-F429ZI as Data Memory Witn Mbed

Question asked by Nima Aghli on Apr 16, 2018

Hello Everybody,

I am using DISCO-F429ZI board that has external SDRAM on it with mbed-cli and I have an application that I use very large arrays in it I would like to find out a way that I can use this external SDRAM as my Data Memory(Heap memory).

First step I have found is to uncomment #define DATA_IN_ExtSDRAM from system_stm32f4xx.c file, apparently this is not enough and based on my research I have to change startup_stm32f429xx.S and STM32F429xI.ld(linker) I have tried every advice in this forum and others to change ld file and also dont know what to change is startup file, but it still doesn't work.

Things that I know about my SDRAM :

Start address: 0xD0000000

Length: 0x800000

I would really appreciate if someone can tell me what exactly I have to change in these 2 files to be able to to use

mallocfor larger variable definitions. This is piece of code in main.cpp that I want to store in SDRAM instead of internal

    void* data;
    data = (void*)malloc(190400);
    if (data == NULL){
      pc.printf("Error: ran out of memory ");

which current I get "ran out of memory"

I have seen codes like this to use in main.cpp to define them in SDRAM but I know I need to prepare things before!

/* Create small array and force linker to put it to external RAM at location 0xD0001000
which is external RAM */
uint32_t SmallArray[10] __attribute__((at(0xD0001000)));
/* Create very big array, compiler will use external RAM because its size is too big 
for internal RAM on STM32F429 */
uint32_t BigArray[0x100000];

I have also attached 2 files.

Thanks for your helps