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Interfacing ISM43362 wifi module via UART (B-L475E IOT Board)

Question asked by j.martin on Apr 15, 2018
Latest reply on May 3, 2018 by khamila houaida
Hi all,
Have anyone tried to interface ISM43362 wifi module with STM32 via UART? Is there any available UART driver or example-tutorial?
In a custom PCB, we have connected ISM43362 module with L476 UART pins following B-L475E-IOT01 schematic. Later I found that the wifi driver in B-L475E-IOT01 is only provided for SPI (although ISM43362 is connected with both SPI and UART pins in B-L475E-IOT01). I'm not finding (over internet) any UART driver for ISM43362 module that can be ported to this project.
In the first attempt, I've started with B-L475E-IOT01 board and WiFi_Client_Server cube example and tried to replace SPI pin configuration by UART pins and SPI Transmit-receive instructions by UART Tx-Rx. It didn't work, probably SPI and UART communication protocol is different for ISM43362. I'm not finding the exact sequence of AT commands in the AT manual.
Please guide me if anyone interfaced ISM43362 wifi module via UART.
Thank you in advance for your kind suggestion.