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Unable to read Who_Am_I of LIS3DSH using I2C

Question asked by Gowtham sk on Apr 13, 2018
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Hello Guys,

I am facing a little problem here in reading the who_am_I register of the LIS3DSH which is on the development board. Here are the details.

The board I'm using is STM32F40G (ver MB997D). I am using CubeMX to generate the code.

Wiring.  SCL -- PA5
SDA -- PA7 


MasterHeader 3

I2C1_SDA (PINB7) ---------- PA7 (SDA of the sensor)  

I2C1_SCL (PINB6) ---------- PA5 (SCL) 

3V Pin                     ---------- PA6 (SEL/SDO)