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STM32L496 with a external 6 channel parallel ADC.

Question asked by Edward Jang on Apr 13, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2018 by AvaTar

I am firmware engineer. But I am a beginner for ST.
I try to get 6 channel ADC 16bit data in high spped by DMA.

Now, I have a nucleo-L496ZG board and a TI ADS8364 ADC board.

- STM32L496ZG (with FMC)
- TI ADS8365 (6 Channel simultaneous sampling SAR parallel ADC).

One person says that I can use FMC in it.
But I have no experience to use FMC/FSMC with parallel ADC.

Or. some article says that I can use "Parallel synchronous transmission using GPIO and DMA" method to this design.
But I have no expereince about it, too.

I can't find two methods in detail document in the internet.

Can you explain two methods for my design in detail? (some HAL source code example, too, if you can)
Or another good design....(some HAL source code example, too, if you can)