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LIS3DH and LSM9DS1 accelerometer comparison

Question asked by le_mer.michel on Apr 13, 2018
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I am trying to compare LIS3DH and LSM9DS1 (accelerometer part) and I am suprised by the result:

The LIS3DH has the configuration: CTRL1: 0x67 (ODR = 200Hz, LPen=0, ) CTRL4: 0xA8 (BDU, 8g, HR)

   => sampling frequency = 200Hz and BW=ODR/9=22Hz

The LSM9DS1 has the configuration: CTRL5:0x38 (no decimation), CTRL6: 0x98 (ODR = 238Hz, 8g, bandwidth determined by ODR, ) CTRL7: 0x80 (HR, filsters bypassed) CTRL8: 0x44 (BDU, IF_ADD_INC)

   => sampling frequency = 238Hz and BW=105Hz


But when I capture data with both PCBAs tightly attached, the LIS3DH signals have more amplitude and seems to have a higher bandwith.

Did I missed something or is there a problem?

Do you suggest another configuration for the LSM9DS1?


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