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A few questions on the STM32L...

Question asked by kikugawa.sho on Apr 9, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2012 by kikugawa.sho
  1. Is there a proper way to go into low-power sleep? When I try to step through in the debugger (or at least, let the program run and then pause it), the LPSDSR flag never gets set. And when I let the program run without a debugger, an ammeter I've hooked up doesn't seem to show any difference.
  3. I'm trying to run a timer through an external clock. I got as far as getting it to run, but it always stops for no real reason. After initializing the timer and setting the CEN flag, I step through another line of code, turn on my external clock, and then step over the next line of code. I see the counter changed, but when I step again, CEN is 0. Any idea what's going on? This does not happen if I use the internal clock.


EDIT: Never mind about #2. I realized after posting that I had a timer interrupt that checks for something and it disables the timer if that condition is met.