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Could a Bricked STM32F1003C8T6 brick my ST-Link Programmer?

Question asked by Hacker Joe on Apr 12, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2018 by Hacker Joe

Hi All Newbie here,


I think I managed to brick a STM32f1003c8t6 using a FTDI programmer and Arduino IDE.

I got the blue pill board for free so I figured I would play with it.
I started looking around to see how to unbrick the board but I didn't have an ST-Link Programmer.

I ordered a mini V2 version for $5 and plugged it in after loading ST Link Utility program.

I saw the st-link programmer in device manager and then connected it to the stm32f103ct8 board using the st-link pins.

I opened up the ST Utility program but the st-link wasn't found so I looked again in Device manager and my st-link usb connection now shows as Unknown USB device ( Device Descriptor Request Failed) 

Again, This happened after I connected to my STM32f103 board which also shows like this ( Unknown USB device ( Device Descriptor Request Failed  ) after I tried programming it with an FTDI programmer and Arduino IDE.

Can a bricked blue pill board somehow trash a st-link programmer some how?

I have tried everything to get the programmer to show back as an USB st-link adapter in device manager but I have been unsuccessful.

Anyway I sent the programmer back to the seller as defective.

I just want to know if I get another st-link programmer and connect it will it get trashed as well.

Has anyone else had the same thing happen to them?

I am not even sure I know what I flashed to the blue pill and what pins were for sure. I thought I was flashing a blink script for STM within the Arduino IDE program.