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Migrating from Power board MB459 to IHM023V2

Question asked by fleming.david.002 on Jul 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2014 by Gigi
All - to save you a bit of trouble, here is what I found when I migrated my existing power board (discontinued by ST) to the new IHM023V2 power board:
1) The connector pin-out to the STM32F10X-128K-EVAL is identical.
2) However, the polarity of the lower IGBT drive signals is inverted.  This requires a software change to the polarity of the timer1 outputs.
3) There is a flaw in the electrical design: the power bus requires high frequency decoupling at each of the bridge legs.  I used a 1uF, 200v ceramic cap across each of the 3 legs (drain of upper to source of lower; on the back of the board, right on the pins.  You may be able to go with a lower value at higher voltage but it NEEDs high frequency decoupling.  Not doing this will cause major EMI headaches.
4) The jumper documentation for W16 is wrong.  It is obvious by looking at the copper on the PCB.  This jumper controls the power to Hall sensors or encoder.

Other than that it seems to work.  

alohA, DaveF