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Touch Sensing channels count STM32L152ZE

Question asked by patrick visser on Apr 12, 2018

Is there a error in the STM32_TouchSensing_Library V2.1.1 with the maximum channel count for the STM32L152ZE controller. 


According to the UM1913 usermanual the STM32L1xx supports up to 34 channels.

STM32L1 series microcontrollers
– Surface charge-transfer acquisition principle managed by:
– Two timers + routing interface (hardware acquisition mode). This mode is not
supported on STM32L1 series microcontrollers featuring 256 K or less memory.
– GPIOs + routing interface (software acquisition mode). This mode is supported by
all microcontrollers.
– Up to 34 channels
– Up to 11 channels can be acquired simultaneously

But if you generate a new project with CubeMX the  "tsl_check_config_stm32l1xx.h" file has the following error checking functionality.


#error "TSLPRM_TOTAL_CHANNELS is out of range (1 .. 24)."

#error "TSLPRM_TOTAL_BANKS is out of range (1 .. 8)."

these channel count does not comply with the uermanual or the datasheet of the controller. 


How can I sample more then 24 channels?


I use Stm32CubeMX V4.25.0

STM32Cube FW_L1 V1.8.1