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stm32f4 USB Host HID to interface touchpad..?

Question asked by jesu . on Apr 12, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2018 by jesu .

“We are trying to develop a USB Host HID application where using the controller STM32F4, and the USB stack library available on the ST website, we are trying to send data/command to an USB HID device. But in the library we downloaded from ST site, the host HID application has examples for mouse and keyboard application only.In case of Mouse and keyboard, Host receives but does not transmit back anything while in our application we need to also transmit data.

So do you have any particular HID host example codes or guideline documents for STM32F4xx controller which demonstrates how to interface external USB device TOUCHPAD MOUSE(GP415U-5321) using the ST USB library? “,

The data length is 13 Bytes but i have only receive 4 bytes alone. please help me i could been struggle in more the one week , how can get the remaining Bytes..