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Break condition for TX Uart in F103

Question asked by P M on Apr 12, 2018

Hi all,


To start with, I am using Peripheral libs for my UART driver.


I am trying to wake up a RN2483 LoRa module from its sleep mode. I have on the manual that I need to produce a break condition followed by am 0x55. Paragraph on the documentation says:


"...To do this, the host system needs to transmit to the module a break condition followed by a 0x55 character at the new baud rate. The auto-baud detection mechanism can also be triggered during Sleep to wake the module up before the predetermined time has expired."



So far I have tried, as seen in some arduino forums, to put the tx pin to 0 for about 10, 20 and 100msecs and then put it to 1. After that, sending 0x55. But module keeps sleeping after that.


Do you know how I can do that?