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STM32F334R8T6 can not read memory

Question asked by grossi.marco on Apr 12, 2018

I have designed a board with STM32F334R8T6. The STM32 pins are configured as in the attached file (I do not think there is a problem here since I have already used the same configuration without problems). The microcontroller is programmed with a STM32 NUCLEO BOARD using the 6-pins connector (3.3V, PA14, GND, PA13, NRST, PB3): also in this case I do not think there is a problem since I can program without problems other boards using the same NUCLEO board and connector.

When I try to connect to the STM32F334 microcontroller using STM32 ST-LINK utility I get the following message:


09:33:03 : ST-LINK SN : 066BFF515056805087143648

09:33:03 : ST-LINK Firmware version : V2J21M5

09:33:03 : Connected via SWD.

09:33:03 : Connection mode : Connect Under Reset.

09:33:03 : Debug in Low Power mode enabled.

09:33:04 : Device ID:0x438

09:33:04 : Device flash Size : 64KBytes

09:33:04 : Device family :STM32F303x4-x6-x8/F328xx/F334xx

09:33:05 : Failed to read memory @08010000!


The programmer seems not to be able to access the microcontroller flash memory. However I can not figure out the reason for this.


If I try to program the microcontroller the following messages are displayed


10:01:45 : [Prova_F334.bin] opened successfully.
10:01:47 : Memory-Loader error
10:01:47 : Error occured during erase operation!


The option bytes are set according to the attached file.

Can anyone help to solve this problem?