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I got "Target power failure" error when I built a project

Question asked by Zhentao Lu on Apr 12, 2018
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I bought a development board - STM3210C-SK/RAIS [Development Boards & Kits - ARM Raisonance]. I intalled the Ride 7 from the CD in the package, set up and confirmed all jumpers then opened an example - QuickStart_STM32F107. After I clicked the Project -> Build Project command, there is an error saying that "Target power failure: Measured 0.000000V.


There is a quick start manual.


The error:


In Debug options window, if I clicked “Connect to Debugger”, then:


I assume that the board has already connected with my computer.


This is my board:


I searched in google and found two websites talking about such error but their boards are not exactly same as my board.


Target power failure: Measured 0.100000V - problem on Windows XP


Topic : I got "Target power failure" error when I built a project


It seems something goes wrong on my board. Does anyone have the same problem? Thank you very much.


Zhentao Lu