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Bootloader jump to user code

Question asked by Wayne Taylor on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2018 by Wayne Taylor

I am able to jump from User code into the built-in bootloader without any issues, I am also able to upload the new .bin file using the UART and ST FLASHER Demonstrator, however when I tick the Jump to user code option, I can see that I leave the bootloader however the user code does not start until the device is reset. After reading through the application notes I found a note mentioning "The Jump to the application works only if the user application sets the vector table correctly to point to the application address." Now in my code I have added the following line to the start of my code :

SCB->VTOR = FLASH_BASE | 0x0000; which I think sets the pointer to 0x080000000.


Or am I missing something?