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STEVAL-IPE016V1 voltage measurement problem

Question asked by Ron van der Plas on Apr 10, 2018

I'm trying to use the STEVAL-IPE016V1 to get a basic knowledge of the STPM10 chip that i would like to use for an energy meter design. Unfortunately the board was shipped with a faulty connection on the R7 resistor(this is one of the 3 resistors used for the the voltage divider of the voltage measurement path). After resoldering the resistor the connections seemed to be fine but the voltage measurement is really bad.

I've attached a picture of the raw voltage values from the registers plotted from a serial port. In the same picture you can see the current measurement working without a problem.

I've compared the results with an oscilloscope and there the voltage doesn't have any problem.

Is it possible that the floating Vp pin due to the faulty connection could have resulted in a damaged input? or am i missing something obvious that can lead to this results?