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Clk Configuration problem

Question asked by Mohamed GORRAB on Apr 10, 2018

Hi, the problem is not solved, below is the clock configuration, 

configuration problem

Based on the figure above, I tried to use the different divisions /1, /8.. and the different clk (PPLCK, SYCLK, HSE...)  to obtain the correct frequency, but everytime, I have the some frequeny output that I showed on the scope, 


HSI --> 16MHZ (correct value)

SYSCLK --> 32MHZ (wrong value != 10 MHZ)

PLLCLK --> 32MHZ (wrong value  != 10 MHZ)


I added some instructions on the code to show the frequency value, and that gives 32MHZ as shown on the pictures below







Anyone have a solution please!


Thanks in advance!