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timer interrupt callback stm32f769 cubemx

Question asked by Stefan Müller on Apr 10, 2018
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I'm using stm32f769 with cube MX and Atollic for my latest project. So far I managed some stuff like IAP Bootloader via µSD /or USB, PWM Generation, Encoder readout... So far I would guess I understood how CubeMX and HAL Library work together and how to use HAL and LL Lib.


I want to use a timer Interrupt (TIM10) and on every update and PWM pulse. I see that the Interrupt handler gets called


void TIM1_UP_TIM10_IRQHandler(void)





and checks for the reason. Then a specific callback function is called like:








it is marked __weak so I can use my own ...



BUT here is my issue:


As far as I read the code the Information which timer calls the callback function is lost as every Timer will call same callback function.

So in case I use more than one timer I have to check inside my callback function which timer caused it? I have to read the htim struct and get the info back, then have some switch case that leads to the code I want to have executed???


Or is there a better way to do it. Icouldn't find any example about this... 


And second question, but not so important: Why is it actually called "callback function"? In my understanding a callback function is a function I call by a "pointer to function" Parameter as Parameter of an other function ... I can not see anything like this here, so some explanation would be nice.




Thanks in advance