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STM32L496VGY6TR: Latency in audio playback from SDC/Nand flash

Question asked by Indu Giris on Apr 9, 2018



We have requirement that our device needs to connect and send data to iPhone (via BLE) and, at the same time, it needs to stream the audio files stored in eMMC/Nand flash to an earpiece via classic bluetooth.
We are planning to use STM32L496VGY6TR uC with TI's dual-mode bluetooth module CC2564MODA.
Also, the device should receive data from another device at 433MHz.


When the device receives data at 433MHz,
   1. it needs to be send to iPhone via BLE, and
   2. an audio file(uncompressed) stored in eMMC/Nand flash(filesystem) should be fetched and send to the    earpiece(classic BT).
Both should work seamlessly, for few hours.


The system architecture is given below

So, my question is,
   1. What will be the latency caused by multiple bluetooth connection to two different end points and
      reading audio data from filesystem to an internal buffer and then send to i2S, simultaneously.
   2. Will there be any performance degradation due to dual-band RF and dual-mode BT?


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