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VL6180X ECE threshold calculation

Question asked by Larry Fey on Apr 10, 2018

Trying to figure out how to apply the Early Convergence Estimate value for the VL6180X proximity sensor.

Design Tip DT0034 gives some information, but also populates the equations with some apparent magic numbers, and doesn't give units to figure out how the calculations are to be made.


From DT0034,

      - What are the factors of 24, 70 and 200 in the TIME calculation.

      - What is the unit of time for PERIOD (ms?) and why is multiplied by 10 in the TIME calculation

      - What is the unit of time for MAX_CONV and why is is multiplied by 1000 in CONV_TIME calculation (ms to us conversiton?)

      - Might assume that the 500 in ECE_THRES is 0.5ms *1000 to put it in microseconds, but not sure.

      - What are the 100 multiplication factors that cancel out in the ECE_THRES calculation meant to show.


Datasheet shows a different calculation with what looks like a different CONV_THRES value.


Is there some better details on how this setting is to be calculated?