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STM32F429 Cortex M4 MPU Crash Freertos

Question asked by Mit N on Apr 10, 2018



We have been trying to use ARM_CM4F_MPU port in one of our application. Freertos version is 10.0.0.

An unprivileged task always Mem Faults when trying to use a kernel API though mpu_wrappers is elevating the privilege of during kernel execution.

When Task calls vTaskDelay(), it crashes inside portYIELD_WITHIN_API() though I can see it gets executed when CPU state is in Privilege mode. nPRIV in CONTROL Register is 0 when this yield is called.

On entry to this task, we are accessing a couple of variables in SRAM whose region is defined as NON PRIVILEGE READ_WRITE. We are able to read write on this region. After this we are using vTaskDelay() inside which it Mem Faults when it calls portYIELD_WITHIN_API().

Even if the variables are disabed and only vTaskDelay() is called on entry inside this task, it faults.

void ProcessMainTask(void *arg) //Non Privilege Task
g_NonPrivMemArray[0] = 1;

It assigns g_NonPrivMemArray[0] with 1, then tries to delay and crashes.

Any pointers on what could cause this?