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Do ST verify all M25P16 sectors during production?

Question asked by Sebastien Malmoustier on Apr 9, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by waclawek.jan

We are using the M25P16 memory and we get one memory that we can't do a bulk erase.


On this one, we only do this action in the following steps:

- Complete erase with the bulk erase command and polling for the end

- program only the sectors 0 to 5


Few days and electricals power on/off, we tried a complete erase with a bulk erase command. The device seems to be stuck in the erase process (the WIP is always 1, we check the status register more than 3min after the bulk erase command). Impossible to send another command even after 1h, only an electrical reset give us the possibity to send write command.


We found that we can't erase the sector 7 with the sector erase command. All other one can be erased.


We are asking if all sectors are ckecked before.