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UART baudrate problem

Question asked by Mohamed GORRAB on Apr 8, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by Mohamed GORRAB


I try to send data via UART with a baudrate 8Mb/s using Nucleo-L476RG and UM232H,

the programs I use are STM32CubeMx and Putty (for RX)

As shown on the picture below we can send data via USART1 with a baudrate between 2.443Kbits/s and 10Mb/s 


but in reality when I exceed 1Mb/s ,I don't recieve any information in RX,

Probably, it is a speed interval problem generated in code as shown on the pictures below, I think, there is a bad coordination between the configuration and the code,



 This is the declaration part :



Can any one help me please!


Thanks in advance