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Questions about the interrupt config for Lis3dx

Question asked by Kefei Yao on Apr 8, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by Miroslav B

1) CTRL_REG3 (22h)

Can I set both I1_IA1 and I1_IA2? 


2) What is I1_321DA? 

3) Our project uses two threshold, one for stronger force (e.g. collision), the other for weaker force (e.g. impact). I assume I should set INT1_THS and IT2_THS to the high/low threshold. But should I use both event on INT1 or separately e.g. INT1 for high event and INT2 for low event? 

4) If INT1_THS is set to high threshold and INT2_THS is set to low threshold. The duration is set to same. So the trigger will satisfy INT2_THS firstly then IT1_THS. In this case, will the lis3x device generate two interrupt with IA1 first and IA2 second?