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set priority between SPI and UART

Question asked by aatif shaikh on Apr 7, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2018 by Clive One

hello everyone!
   I'm currently working on a project, in which I'm mainly using spi [ for MICRO SD CARD and EEPROM communication ],  uart [ GSM communication ] and timer [for certain process management]. my project is based on STM32f103ZET6.
   so far everything works fine but in some cases while reading, writing or initializing the MICRO SD CARD [via SPI] if any interrupt [UART receiver] arrives then my program jump to the "UART-ISR" and because of this action the sequence which I'm following for reading, writing  or initializing the MICRO SD CARD breaks. and after coming back from ISR, SD CARD start giving an unexpected response. as I'm using WATCHDOG timer as well, hence it immediately restarts the controller.


   if anyone can explain how can I set priority between SPI and UART [ 1st priority->SPI, 2nd priority->UART ], so that there will be no disturbance while reading, writing or initializing the MICRO SD CARD.


   I've seen as there is an option for setting priority between UARTs, but i could'n find any single document or code regarding setting priority between SPI and UARTs.


Thanks and Regards
Aatif Shaikh