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Migration from STM32F105 board to STM32F411 board

Question asked by Haithem sunny on Apr 9, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2018 by Haithem sunny

Hi every body,


Really I need your help in order to see if there are any extra change in the schematic side.


Right now I use the same board used for STM32F105 to my new STM32F411.

What I did:

  - I just change the old micro-controller "F105" with the new one "F411".

  - Migrate all the SW application to the new library of "F411".

  - Upload the new FW to "F411".



 - Face not stable result on the UART port "terminal".

 - My application doesn't work properly.


  => is it really accepted to use the same board used for STM32F105 to the new one STM32F411 (chips have an identical pinout ) ?

               => if yes, there is any extra change I have to do it it on the board ( Quartz, . . . ).