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key derivation in chip stm32f733ze

Question asked by Hau Lam on Apr 9, 2018

I'm trying to use AES function in chip stm32f733ze .

Can I know whether this chip can support Key Derivation function or not ?

Because from the Reference Manual  RM0431 it said that the chip only support 4 modes :

" The AES features the following modes of operation:
• Mode 1:
Plaintext encryption using a key stored in the AES_KEYRx registers
• Mode 2:
ECB or CBC decryption key preparation. It must be used prior to selecting Mode 3 with
ECB or CBC chaining modes. The key prepared for decryption is stored automatically
in the AES_KEYRx registers. Now the AES peripheral is ready to switch to Mode 3 for
executing data decryption.
• Mode 3:
Ciphertext decryption using a key stored in the AES_KEYRx registers. When ECB and
CBC chaining modes are selected, the key must be prepared beforehand, through
Mode 2.
• Mode 4:
ECB or CBC ciphertext single decryption using the "

So i have a little bit confuse .Could you support me this issue ?