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When will HAL be RTOS-aware?

Question asked by Frank CA on Apr 7, 2018

This has been asked many times going back some 4 years, but has never been answered with any commitment by ST.

There's even this teazer in stm32f?xx_hal_def.h:

#if (USE_RTOS == 1U)
  /* Reserved for future use */
  #error "USE_RTOS should be 0 in the current HAL release"

Come on ST - time to gaze into that R&D crystal ball and give us all an ETA dont you think?

Or turn it into a project/competition/collaboration for external devs to take on?

HAL could do with an oil change anyway.


In the meantime, for those interested, this post has some useful information on how to work around the timeout functions in most HAL drivers when using FreeRTOS.