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FOC SDK: maximum rotation speed limited

Question asked by waldmann.christian on Jul 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2014 by waldmann.christian
We are using the FOC SDK 4.0, the eval board STEVAL-IHM039V1 (STM32F415ZG) and a 400 V, 1kV motor driver STEVAL-IHM025V1.

The motor is working with no mechanical load and a quadrature encoder as position feedback. Controlling the rotation speed works fine from STMCWB.

But when requesting more the 2500 rpm, the requested speed goes up in the speed monitoring graph, but the reel rotation of the motor stays a approximately 2500 rpm. 
Is this a limit of the software?
What parameters ( speed controller, torque controller, field weakening, )  have we to tune, to get to a higher rotation speed?