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GPIO registers data storing using C spy

Question asked by A Maq on Apr 7, 2018
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I have to store STM32F767ZI registers values at one line of my application code without halting my program at that line.
As,I am currently trying to use C-Spy for that by using which so far I have managed to store on text file register values but each time code halts at that point as I am doing it using code breakpoint.
Can you please share the solution to store GPIO register values on a file without stopping code execution (May be using C spy).

Following are the setup details:

IDE:                  IAR EMBEDDED Workbench

Debug driver:  ST-link 

Debug tool:     C-spy 

Storing reg data :     Text file or any 

Dev Tool   :     Nucleo F767zi board 

Example data Which I have generated using breakpoints:

GPIOA_MODER : A8000001