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STM32F412 UART Boot no response ...

Question asked by Eryk Sokolowski on Apr 6, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by Eryk Sokolowski

Hi There,


I am going a bit crazy about this. I have a custom board with STM32412 on it. 


I have connected TX and RX to PA9 and PA10, I ensure that Boot0 == 1 and PB2 (boot1) == 0 (just in case). As per  AN2606.


And the board doesn't respond to 0x7F.


The same setup with the NUCLEO evaluation board works fine! I use a UM232R @ 3v3 both TX and RX are pulled up internally


What am I missing?


The MCU on the board was tested in its virgin state ( from the box ) and also after programming using JTAG to check if it works?


Any clues or pointer would be much appreciated?